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IBM Thinkpad 345C Type 2610 computer.
General info
Thinkpad laptop from 1995 with desirable 486 CPU and color screen.
About this specific offer
IBM Thinkpad 345C made in Japan. With international QWERTY keyboard, original IBM 12J1443 external power supply (allows various input voltages, making it also compatible with the U.S. mains net) and matching IBM laptop bag.


- 100-240V AC external power supply
- 10.4'' 256 colors VGA TFT display
- Intel 486DX4 75 MHz CPU
- 20 MB RAM
- IC-DRAM socket (max. 20 MB RAM)
- WD90C24 1 MB VLB graphics engine
- 540 MB HDD
- 3.5'' 1.44 MB disk drive
- 2x PCMCIA slot
- HD-15 VGA socket
- Parallel DB-25 socket
- Serial DE-9 connector
- PS/2 mouse port

- TrackPoint
- International QWERTY keyboard
- Beeper
- Battery
- IBM PC DOS 7.0 English pre-installed
- Microsoft Windows 3.1 English pre-installed
- IBM Thinkpad 345C drivers pre-installed

Included is:
- IBM Thinkpad 345C Type 2610 computer
- IBM 12J1443 external power supply
- IBM laptop bag

This computer was last tested at 20 January 2018.
During the test;

- Computer could be powered on several times using the included power supply.
- Computer stayed powered on for at least 15 minutes.

- Computer displayed a stable, contrastful, bright, sharp and straight picture without distortions (no faulty lines or dead pixels).

- Control for brightness worked.

- Battery seemed to charge (but is offered as defective)

- POST displayed ca. 20 MB RAM.

- Beeper worked.

- Hard disk spinned and did not make any unusual noise.

- Computer could boot to Windows 3.1.

- All used keys of the keyboard worked.

- Trackpoint worked.

- Screen could be opened and closed like it should (felt firm).

- No defects and/or faults were identified.
- No further tests were performed.

Please carefully view the pictures for an impression.

Price details:
Price per piece:  € 260,00 € 250,00
Quantity: Order

Shipping costs

€ 13,00 



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