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IBM Model M QWERTY 5 pin DIN PC AT keyboard.
General info
The IBM Model M (or Enhanced) keyboards are known for their solid build quality, durability, but most importantly the clicky feel and sound of the mechanical key switches. Every key has a mechanical switch which provides instant feedback during typing. Besides the keys are equipped with key caps that can be removed for cleaning. The keyboards are also in height adjustable.

The early PC AT Model M version is also compatible with modern pc's, using a 5 pin DIN to USB or 5 pin DIN to PS/2 adapter.
About this specific offer
Brand: IBM

Model: n/a

Layout: Dutch QWERTY

Numeric keypad: yes

LED's for lock function: yes

Cable: removable IBM coiled black SDL to 5 pin DIN plug

Origin: IBM PC AT 5170

Production location: n/a

Date of production: n/a

Included is:
- IBM Model M QWERTY 5 pin DIN PC AT keyboard
- IBM Model M coiled black keyboard cable with 5 pin DIN plug

Please carefully view the pictures for an impression.

Price details:
Price per piece: € 99,95
Quantity: Order

Shipping costs

€ 6,95 



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